10 thoughts on “we will see many politicians in this country and elsewhere going to prison”

  1. maybe we will get some candidate for prez who is willing to step up to the
    plate and kick ass. but who would that be? the current jackass can sure
    cause a lot more trouble between now and the next election. if he were NOT
    prez we would have done something a long time ago. it almost makes me want
    to see Bush/Cheney back in there to solve the problem even with all their
    lies and profiteering from misery and murder.

  2. you have so much faith–but i’m telling you it ain’t happening. a
    paradoxical thing is this: islam is based on the subjugation of women. if
    you take the subjugation of women out of the equation, they do not have a
    religion. BUT–can you even imagine Michelle Obama putting up with being
    subjugated? I can’t see it. 

  3. Everyone is fighting to make a living. That’s no excuse for not knowing
    what’s going on. We have more ways to find what’s going on than EVER.

  4. They are now saying on the news that the killers in paris left an ID behind
    in the getaway car and that’s how they know their identity, lol. come on.
    That reminds me of how they found a passport of a terrorist at ground zero
    after 9/11. This is starting to sound more and more like just another
    false flag attack.

  5. I think people have been awake to militant islam for awhile after 9/11 and
    Iraq. But what people are starting to wake up to is the fact that the West
    has trained, financed and allowed the terrorists to roam free and THAT’s
    what people are fed up with. Many people realize Benghazi was a gun
    running operation that went bad. I think that was the beginning of the

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