22 thoughts on “WAIT! Obama born in Kenya? Are we missing something?”

  1. I think most Americans understand that President Obama indeed foreign born,
    but feel as though there is nothing they can do, as in order for him to
    have pulled this off there had to be those of even greater power pulling
    all the strings. Additionally, Americans are intimidated by the NSA and the
    IRS, Homeland Security, etc, and most have no means in which they could
    ever go against these organizations if they were to go after them, so most
    do nothing. He has changed laws that others of influence wanted changed. As
    believers in Christ we see who is truly at work here and know the time of
    Christ’s return is near and thank God for it. 

    1. Nearly eight months have passed since this was posted, and Obama is still the President of the United States , and no member of Congress has even raised the issue of Obama’s place of birth in Congress. However, Shrimpton, the source of this absurd article, was convicted of making false reports in England, and was sent to jail for one year.

  2. NO DNA match. This means he was ADOPTED by his Mother DUNHAM.
    Also this video must have come out back in 2007 or before, because he talks
    about him as a SENATOR !
    He also mentions that the Clintons, Edwards and Julianni KNEW he was

  3. Really, no one cares if our president is from Kenya, USA or is an alien
    from outer space. And the handful who are still clinging to old ways ie.
    Truth, justice & freedom….kick your long lost faith in this world to the
    curb. There is only one place to put our trust in now.

  4. Disgusting that money can put an evil fraud in the Whitehouse and buy the
    silence of the ones that could have stood together to make sure he could
    not have run in the election. Have we lost our Country ? We have certainly
    become the U.S. that other leaders and their people laugh at because of
    Obama and the wimps that allowed him to be in a powerful position that he
    has no ability to run. Anything that Obama does is designed to make
    America fail and his idiots still believe in him!!!!

  5. No surprise there. When a nation departs from Godly rule, this is what
    happens. Even mightier leaders, have fallen. Nimrod is only a sad reminder.
    He was turned into a beast. Of a different kind. Obama will see his day
    too. They may reach certain worldly heights, but the fall into the Abyss
    will be a hard and eternal one. It’s all written. Nothing anyone can do
    about that. Everyone should pray for the soul of that ‘man’

  6. I hope that “universal shattering” information is going to be revealed
    soon. The American Spring starts May 16th and I worry about obama
    attacking those veterans and other Americans. It would be nice if obama
    was gone before then. Let the military arrest him. 

  7. If Obama is impeach what do you think will magically happen? Obama is a
    pawn the same way Bush and all other Presidents were. When Obama is gone
    another evil president will replace him. The god of this world will make
    sure of it. 

  8. Treason! Arrest and death to him and any traitor who collaborated in the
    conspiracy. The American people have been rendered helpless. Only capable
    by a military coup. The entire Congrees knew and failed their oath of

  9. The above article is based entirely on the claims of a British barrister, named Shrimpton, who claims that he has links to British secret service agencies (but they laugh at that claim) and who has also charged that four British prime ministers were secret agents for Germany.

    The answer is simple: Shrimpton is LYING.

    He is one of MANY birther liars. He is like the LIARS who said that Obama’s Kenyan grandmother said that he was born in Kenya—when the tape recording shows that she said that Obama was born in HAWAII, repeatedly. But birther sites simply did not quote her and cut off the tape recordings on their sites just before she was asked where he was born (I wonder why they did that???).

    Shrimpton is like other birther liars, like the ones who forged three “Kenyan birth certificates” (One of whom was shown by a convicted felon, one of whose past crimes was forgery, and who claimed to have gotten Obama’s BC in Kenya but refused to show proof that he, the forger, had gone to Kenya).

    And birther sites LIED when they said that the current governor of Hawaii, Abercrombie, said that he could not find Obama’s birth certificate (he never said any such thing, and three separate Hawaii officals of the two political parties have confirmed that Obama’s BC is in the files where it is supposed to be).

    In fact, Obama has shown the birth certificate of Hawaii, short form and long form, and the officials of Hawaii of both parties have repeatedly stated that they sent them to him. Even the Kapiolani Hospital has confirmed that Obama was born there—twice (birther sites did not show either of them to you).

    Among those who confirmed Obama’s BC was the former Republican governor of Hawaii, a friend of Sarah Palin’s. And Obama’s birth in Hawaii is further confirmed by the public Index Data file and the birth notices sent to the Hawaii newspapers by the DOH of Hawaii in 1961 (and ONLY the DOH of Hawaii could send notices to that section of the newspaper, and it only did so for births in Hawaii).

    In contrast to the FACTS above, what is Shrimpton alleging?

    He alleges that Stanley Ann was not Obama’s real mother (although she treated him like her son all her life). He alleges that somehow Obama’s Kenyan father was able to smuggle a child from Kenya to Hawaii without apparently getting a US visa for the child (You know we don’t allow children to be just carried into the USA without papers, don’t you??), and then somehow Obama’s relatives got the officials in Hawaii to issue the birth certificate in 1961—and in 1961 the Hawaii DOH was only allowed to issue a birth certificate to children born in Hawaii. For what he CLAIMS to be true, ALL of those unlikely things would have had to have happened.

    Oh, and the Kenyan government has said that Obama was not born in Kenya.

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