19 thoughts on “Documents reveal Clinton dislikes media”

  1. Rule for future politicians: 1) What you say or do 30 years before can and
    most likely will come back to either prosper or destroy your career. Be

    (Not speaking about this case specifically btw. Just generally speaking.)

  2. I don’t give a damn what she likes or doesn’t like. Bottom line is…
    No more democrap presidents. The ENTIRE democrap party is corrupt, and
    replete with socialists and authoritarians who do not recognize our 1st,
    2nd, and 4th amendment rights. At the same time though, only 2 or 3
    Republicans are worth voting for.

  3. Deflection.
    It’s a tried and true tactic-that usually works on those who tow the party
    Same as Obozo, she’ll run on “transparency” as part of her platform, and
    dipshit Democrats will swallow it up. All the while never remembering her
    previous years in office.

  4. Former First Lady,Laura Bush,
    and 2 HUD employees had found themselves drugged, waking up and groggy and
    passing out in July 2001. 2 months later 911 War began. She & her husband
    had said it would be another 15 years of their investigations/questioning
    of their agents before they could speak on the subject but it was War.

  5. When Clinton speaks it sounds like shes making fart noises out of her
    mouth… I’d sooner move to north Korea than have this lady in the white

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