20 thoughts on “Clintons Call for End to Elephant Poaching”

  1. How much were the paid to defend those elephants?. Because these two ladies
    are not cheap, they won’t open their mouths to defend anyone unless they
    see $$$$$
    #Money #lobbying

  2. This evil, murderous, conniving, cash PO, witch, (What happened to Vince
    Foster Hillary?) Thinks saving elephants is going to Disney her into that
    white house where she and that shanty low white trash president getting
    blow jobs from interns as he waved his finger denying it to the U.S and the
    world left an impeachable trail of lies, with a Benghazi stench. Sure,
    parade that monotonous ugly inarticulate spawn who never worked a decent
    day in her life and stealing a million $ from the assholes at NBC for doing
    what she excells in NOTHING. The elephants need proper, decent
    representatives. You couldn’t tell the difference between an African
    elephant from an Indian elephant. 

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