20 thoughts on “Right-Wing Media Hilariously Attacks Wrong Loretta Lynch AG Nominee”

  1. Attempts at explaining the actions of the news media based on ratings does
    not always work. An admission of wrongdoing, coverup, public apology, or
    public mistake made by someone in the news media will necessarily attract
    viewers because we all like to see someone “fuck up,” especially in front
    of as many people as possible.

    Although Nielsen-style ratings are a very important metric to traditional
    media, ultimately such numbers are used to attract commercial sponsors, and
    thus the “quality” of attention becomes important. Ultimately, an oft
    overlooked motivation for some of these traditional media outlets is the
    same as it is in most any social industry: reputation and image.

    Faux-corrections like this (and even “no corrections”) illustrate that
    maintaining a reputation of accuracy and integrity are not serious concerns
    for outlets like Fox News and Breitbart, particularly when it comes into
    conflict with efforts to maintain a reputation of being necessarily

  2. So….. think either Lorette Lynch will sue any or all of the various
    sources that published such slander about them?!? Think the courts would
    throw it out cause those same sources lie like this all the time?

  3. Anyone remember when CNN named Adam Lanza’s brother as the shooter behind
    the Sandy Hook disaster incorrectly? How about when Lamar Smith was
    harassed on his FaceBook even though a different Lamar Smith introduced the
    SOPA bill?

    We need to face it, journalism is dead; investigative journalism is gone.
    Not just republitard’s media.

  4. This story reminds me of when right-wing, radio host Melanie Morgan ranted
    for 20 minutes against liberal writer Fran Lebowitz, but many of the
    details Morgan mentioned were about Annie Lebowitz, the famous portrait
    photographer. Morgan came back after a commercial and took 5 seconds to
    explain her mistake. One minute of Google research is too much homework for
    most republican media clowns.

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