20 thoughts on “HHS Lesbian Secretary Says You Idiots Don’t Know How To Prepare Food”

  1. LMAO! Another excellent video!

    I’m glad we can sometimes put a humorous spin on some of the crazy/stupid
    shit happening in today’s times. I admit a larger part of me is annoyed by
    the people doing this crazy/stupid stuff and another part of me is worried
    about the people that don’t see a problem, the ones that really believe
    controlling people is all about “helping them” or “keeping them safe”. 

  2. Fresh veggies:

    1) wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

    2) grab veggies, a cutting board and knife.

    3) was veggies thoroughly.

    4) cut them however the hell you prefer and serve them cold or steam
    them… Or add them to your stew/whatever you are making and cook them

    How fucking hard does she think it is?!

  3. I am big on juicing. I don’t want everyone to do it. I don’t think there
    is enough fresh fruit and veggies for everyone to do it. If they everyone
    did start doing it I bet these people would want to ban it. So yes let
    people eat what they want. 

  4. These people act like they’re governing a country full of Piltdown Men.

    And they might think that for good reason:

    The Democrat-left coalition is a pincher movement of the smartest and
    dumbest people against the middle.

  5. Vegetable privilege…only whites, males, upper classes, conservatives,
    Christians, conservatives, and the cis gendered have access to vegetables,
    so a new government bureaucracy must be made through the tax payers dollar
    to redistribute vegetables from these evil, bigoted, privileged individuals
    to “the poor”. =D

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