18 thoughts on “Election 08 – The Phonies and the Real Deal, Part 3”

  1. Well Hillary also did some illegal things while on the payroll of wal-mart.
    Our of the 7 or so people involved in the scandle she was the only one not
    arrested and in jail like the others are now.

  2. Good job! I knew a couple of those things and knew Vince didn’t commit
    suicide, but looks like there’s a whole lot I don’t know. I found the White
    Water court documents online in 2009, and the guy fixing to testify against
    Hillary had suddenly died the night before, so he didn’t make it.

  3. “Do the research… just look at MY research…” Same response you’d get
    from any conspiracy theorist. So you have an Iran-Contra spin-off which can
    be connected to Bush and Reagan as much as any Clinton, and a botched
    investigation while Clinton was governor. Taking anything within arms reach
    and 5 degrees of separation and accusing the Clintons of orchestrating it
    is getting pretty absurd. And calling her the anti-Christ with the mark of
    the beast doesn’t help your case… Lo0nEy-tOoNs.

  4. I never said that there wasn’t a connection to Bush Sr. If you read the
    book ‘Compromised’ by Terry Reed you would understand that both Clinton and
    Bush knew about Mena and Clinton profited from it both politically and
    financially. Read the book, do the research. As far as the ‘mark of the
    beast’ narration, that was done mostly in humor. Stop defending crooked
    politicians and open your eyes. If you still don’t realize what is going on
    in this country you are sadly part of the problem.

  5. Good video. There is so much more to each of the scandals hinted at. (that
    said.. I heard taser boy cut in line and security had been called to take
    him out. They were hesitating, waiting for John Kerrys call on the matter.
    The camera starts – Sen. Kerry is not sure what to do, and so the security
    call was to take him out. THEN Kerry says to let him speak in the middle of
    the struggle to do that – Not that torture of any kind should be
    condoned)Any eyewitnesses out there?

  6. It’s not that people can’t stomach Ron Paul’s message. It’s just that most
    people can’t understand anything if their TV didn’t, either directly or
    through suggestion, instruct them to beleive it. People simply parrot what
    their TV’s, Newspapers and “Educators” (i.e. teachers, talk radio etc.)
    tell them with no real reflection at all. Ron Paul winning the election
    depends on two things: the intelligence of the American people and the
    truthfullness of our voting system. God help us all.

  7. Stupid & childish. Brats don’t vote. Get a life. Grow up & do something
    that will appeal to the seniors, the largest base of voters or the Baby
    Boomers, the second largest base of voters.

  8. my hats off to you in a nutshell this short video speaks volumes as it
    tells the truth by the way first news reports and fbi documents confirm
    that vince fosters body was found dead in the whitehouse parking lot in his
    car ! god bless larry nicholes and for those of you who say “conspiracy
    theroy” i say go back and keep watching your 6 hrs of mindless crap on t v
    per day and keep stuffing yourself with that g m o food yum ! yum !

  9. I agree- Fear is good for running away from the WTC, but defeating Hillary
    Clinton requires thinking; thought shuts down in connection with fear! So,
    more info please & less darkness. Unless McCain disappears, our best chance
    of defeating Hill may be working for Obama. There are lesser evils. Too bad
    the country can’t stomach the truth that is coming from K, RP & Gravel.

  10. Do the research. The Mena operation, the boys on the railroad tracks, all
    of the things brought up in the video are known scandals that are
    documented. Look at the links on the right, and try taking off your
    partisan blinders long enough to look into the sordid reality.

  11. This video is just great! The only thing that would improve it is to have
    some explanation of all the murders in a sub-titled stream of consciousness
    to educate younger viewers (and refresh the memory of us old guys).

  12. It is really a sorry thing that no one questions Hillary about Waco. But
    the kind of callous “we have to be in control at all costs thinking” is
    part of our the whole culture of mainstream people, particulary the
    powerful. Just look how easily “no options off the table” came to Obama’s
    tongue. & I just read a comment that justified the tasering of the student
    because he’d exceeded his time limit for a question! Maybe we should
    torture people for parking tickets *sarcasm*

  13. Thanks for the comment and kind words! Yeah, there was so much stuff it was
    hard for people to keep track of. And the media, of course, kept a lot of
    that stuff quiet, they only talked about Monicagate.

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